4 Day Digital Photography Fundamentals

4 Day Digital Photography Fundamentals
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Experience Location: Singapore
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We know you love your DSLR camera-but are you secretly scared of it too? Perhaps you're part of that ambitious set of people who lug around a heavy camera but never turn it off Automatic. If so, isn't it time you joined our eye-opening digital photography course, and finally learned to take the dazzling photos your albums have long been crying out for?

On this course of four workshops (lasting three hours each), you'll be shown how to compose photos that will leave your friends and family oohing and ahhing in awe. The course will cover creative composition techniques, working with light, controlling the camera by switching between modes, and the use of basic editing tools to rescue and enhance your images. During each lesson, you'll apply what you've learned in practical exercises skillfully masterminded by our tutors-all highly respected photographers.

Classes are limited to 8 students to allow for one-to-one advice and feedback.

Classes take place on weekdays 9am to 12pm.


Workshop 1

File Size & Image Quality
Memory Cards & Formatting
Menu & Camera Navigation
Fine-tuning the viewfinder for your eyesight
Choose the right Exposure Mode
Intro to ISO & the Exposure Triangle
Let’s move off Auto to Program mode
How to avoid camera shake blur
How to get pin-sharp focus
Rule of Thirds Composition Technique
Practical Exercises to get you started

Workshop 2

10 ways to add the Wow! factor to your photos
Exposure compensation
Silhouettes & High Key Photos
Balancing exposure & image quality
Lens perspective & angle of View
Choosing the right lens for the shot
Lens Cleaning Technique
Filters vs Hoods
How to avoid distracting backgrounds
Using light to create drama & mood
Easy-to-use Tools to rescue your photos
Workshop 3

Depth of Field
Aperture Priority Mode
Reciprocity of Aperture & Speed
White Balance
6 Creative Composition techniques
Choosing the right Light to flatter your subject
The Magical Blue Hour
Step by step: Editing and organising your photos
Backup your photos

Workshop 4

Picture Styles/Controls
Light Metering
Manual Focus
Time to Practice using all those buttons you’ve learned about
Pin-sharp focus
Blur the background & foreground
Enhance colour
Fix brightness problems
Program vs Aperture Priority mode
Avoid camera-shake blur
Creative composition techniques
Post-Shoot Ritual
Summary of Lessons Learned


Suitability: This experience is for anyone that wants to learn the art of photography. No experience is necessary.

Venue: Shophouse in Little India and locations around Singapore as appropriate.

Session Length: The session takes approximately 4 x 3 hours.

Booking: Please allow four weeks for booking. Courses run regularly throughout the year. Classess take place on weekdays 9am to 12pm.

Numbers: This is a group session with maximum group sizes of 8 people to allow individualized attention.

Spectators: Not appropriate for spectators.

Weather: This experience is not affected by the weather.

Cancellation policy: Prior to redeeming your experience Redbox Gifts Pte Ltd standard return and exchange policy will apply. Once you have redeemed your gift, the terms and conditions of the experience provider will apply. 

Customer Reviews:  

"Just completed Karen's Beginners Photography Workshop and it was awesome! She’s such a great teacher. I used to be nervous about taking my camera off Auto, and now I'm loving using the different shoot modes and settings to create the effects I want.
Great learning experience - thank you!" Cath Lord
"Excellent workshop, excellent teacher – very inspirational!" Henrietta Bird 
“I would HIGHLY recommend Karen Lucas Photography. I have just completed the beginner to advance photography courses and loved every minute of it. Karen is so knowledgeable and has been extremely encouraging throughout. I now have a whole “tool box” of skills and tricks to use, I just need to go and practice! I am looking forward to participating in other courses with Karen to enhance my skills.' Jane Martin
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Reviewer: H. Bird
1 April 2013
Loved the beginners course this morning. Susan is such a great teacher!
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Reviewer: T. Dibb
26 February 2013
I have learned so much on the course. Thank you. It was exactly what I was looking for
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