Make your own Perfume Workshop

Make your own Perfume Workshop
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Experience Location: Goodman Art Center
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Express Yourself in Olfactory vocabulary. Do Something unique! We love scents! Chances are, you must love them too! Do you want to create something for yourself or someone you love? Together we can create a beautiful, rich and exotic perfume that fits your personality. 

The beginners Perfume Workshop is deigned for people who know little or nothing about perfumery. So we will start with a brief introduction about 'perfume pyramid' and 'fragrance wheel', along with few other concepts.

In this workshop, each participant will make 105 ml scent. The programs starts with developing 3 unique 10 ml travel packs, one after another.

This workshop is tough on your senses and chances are your first one might not be the best. So we will work on it again and again, until you love your creation. Most often by the third round, participants have their perfect formula. However, if you don't like, it we will continue working. To start:

Complete a Perfume Personality Quiz:
  We would request you to fill up a questionnaire so as to understand you better. This helps us find your personality and match the oils. This will help you familiarize with olfactory families.

Blending: We will suggest you some fragrance ingredients. You are free to choose from our suggestions or any other to create your formula.  Architecture of a good perfume usually is based on balance and equality. Just like any artists, some of you would find it easier to write your imagination on the worksheet, first. Others would prefer to put a drop and add another. Both journeys should lead you to the same destination. A scent that evokes fond memories of people, places and things that seduced you.

Your Take Home: Finally, when you are satisfied, you will turn from a perfumer to a compounder and convert this 10 ml into 75 ml. This beautiful fragrance made for you, by you, will be in a 75 ml hand-polished crystal bottle, as below. We guarantee either good or great results. In case you are not 100% satisfied, you are welcome to restart the process.



Suitability: This is a fun experience for anyone who loves perfume. This voucher is for one person.

Booking: Bookings are essential.

Numbers:   Please note that we only take maximum of 5 people (often only 4) for this session. This is not meant for a large group of people as we need to interact with each participant at a much deeper level.                                                    

Weather: This experience is not impacted by the weather.

Cancellation policy: Prior to redeeming your experience, Redbox Gifts Pte Ltd standard return and exchange policy will apply. Once you have redeemed your gift, the terms and conditions of the experience provider will apply.

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