Custom Fitted Vega Irons

Custom Fitted Vega Irons
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Experience Location: Singapore
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Strike the ball like a touring pro with these custom-fitted Vega Irons. This package includes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 irons and a pitching wedge.

Why Vega Irons? About 100 years ago, the first golf course in Japan was built in Kobe. Back then there was no golf club production in Japan, yet ironically the area around Kobe was famous for its metal work-especially the forging of Samurai swords. Eventually the penny dropped and these same forging techniques were adapted to create that other great precision instrument-the golf club. In time, an elite member of Kobe's golf club craftsmen returned to his hometown of Ichikawa, and the manufacture of Vega clubs was born. Vega has since worked tirelessly in its pursuit of the perfect club.

Here is your chance to own what many golfers spend their entire lives coveting-a set of the finest golfing instruments in the world…

During an opening consultation, we'll ask you to describe how you're managing with your current set of clubs, then we'll discuss how you could do better. We'll then take some static measurements of both you and your existing clubs. The next step will be a "dynamic" fit. Using Club Connex, we'll look at:

  • Fit for best length. We'll use impact tape and various length test clubs to observe swing speed and center contact. The length with the most centre contact will be the best length for you.
  • Fit for best path. Next, we'll check your typical swing path-for instance, is it "in to out" or "out to in"? Using shafts of different weight and length, we'll discover the weight of your ideal shaft.
  • Fit for face angle. Direction is 80% influenced by the face angle at impact. To find a good fit for you, we'll adjust the head weight of your clubs using lead tape, which will either slow down or speed up the closing of the head. Face angle will be addressed again at your second fitting.
  • Fit for best shaft. We'll capture your average swing speed on a high-speed video to observe your release and note your vertical launch angle, and from this we'll be able to recommend a shaft that best suits your swing.

After all these checks, and in consultation with you, we'll build a pilot club for you to test drive. This will usually be a 7 iron. From the test results, we'll be able to further fine-tune the club, for instance adjusting swing weight, balance points and grip size, also comparing your new statistics with those of your old driver. We'll then urge you to take this pilot club for a hit on the range, or even to test it at your next game. When you're satisfied that everything is in order, we'll build the rest of your set to your exact specifications.

Typically, your irons will be fitted over 3-4 sessions, so expect to wait up to one month before your fabulous new irons will be fairway-ready.

Suitability: This experience is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their golf.

Venue: Singapore.

Session Length: The analysis process takes approximately 2-3 sessions of 60 minutes each. The manufacturing process can take between 4-6 weeks and may require participant to come back in for testing and alteration.

Booking: Please book at least two weeks in advance to avoid disappointment.

Numbers: This is a personalized one-on-one session.

Spectators: Spectators are welcome.

Weather: This experience takes place indoors and is not affected by the weather.

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