Customised Fitted Edel Wedge

Customised Fitted Edel Wedge
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Experience Location: Singapore
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Bring a whole new level of accuracy to your lob shots with a customised Edel Wedge. Your Edel Wedge will be built from the ground up to ensure you strike your way out of those tricky spots with maximum control.

In his quest to develop world-class equipment, David Edel has collaborated with some of golf's finest instructors. This, he says, is where his best ideas come from-when you spend your life immersed in the game, you learn what players really need.

One instructor he holds in particularly high esteem is Mike Adams (voted one of the world's Top 100 Teachers by GOLF Magazine and Top 50 teachers by Golf Digest). A number of years ago, Mike noticed that 90% of his students were setting up their wedges with their weight in a right-of-centre position, and then leaving it there for the hit. The results were predictable. Skull, shank, thin, fat... and higher scores. After lengthy study, Mike determined that clubs were to blame. In the golf industry's attempt to find a solution for tight lie shots they were mass producing wedges that did not provide enough bounce for most players. No other club in a golfer's bag interacts with the ground like your wedge-it's where you can play at your most creative.

Edel Golf has created a proprietary fitting system for wedges, much like it has for putters, to insure you play with the optimum amount of bounce and hit shots that result in lower scores. Simple? Yes. Does it lend itself to wedges being manufactured by the hundreds of thousands? No.

Suitability: This experience is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their golf.

Venue: Singapore.

Session Length: The analysis process takes approximately 60 minutes, the manufacturing process can take up to 6 weeks and may require participant to return for testing and alteration.

Booking: Please book at least two weeks in advance to avoid disappointment.

Numbers: This is a personalised one-on-one session.

Spectators: Spectators are welcome.

This experience takes place indoors and is not affected by the weather.

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