Kite Surfing Lesson for 1

Kite Surfing Lesson for 1
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Experience Location: East Coast or Pasir Ris beach
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Kitesurfing - experience the power of the wind! Kitesurfing is the ultimate fun sport with an ever-growing popularity. Kitesurfers use a combination of a wakeboard and stunt kite to surf on the water propelled only by the force of the wind. It has become one of the most popular extreme water sports, and for good reason too. Kite surfing combines the best experiences of water sports! Experience the speed of surfing, the fun of carving the waves and the jumps that make you soar through the air.

Extreme sports enthusiasts would be thrilled to try out this sport under the guidance and instruction of Mr Foong, a kitesurfing instructor certified by the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) who has sailing experience of more than 20 years.

This foundational course allows you to check out the sport without having to invest in any expensive equipment. At the end of the lesson, you will know basic kite theory, be able to fly trainer kites and full-size relaunchable kites, and execute a safety drill associated with full-size relaunchable kites. Classes are conducted on land only.

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Become certified up to Level 1.
  • Know basic kite theory.
  • Able to fly trainer kite at edge of wind window.
  • Able to fly trainer kite at power zone.
  • Able to execute safety drill associated with full-size relaunchable kites.
  • Able to fly full-size relaunchable kite at edge of wind window.
  • You have been introduced to the sport and are now ready to continue safely

Suitability: Anyone who is over 12 years old enjoys physical activity and fun.

Timing: Approximately 2 hours.

Location: Lessons will be held at Pasir Ris or East Coast subject to weather conditions. Lessons are conducted mainly on land only. When wind and tide are suitable, part of the lesson is conducted in water.

Dress Code: Beach wear.

Booking: Please book at least five days in advance to avoid disappointment.

Spectators: Spectators welcome.

Weather: This experience may be impacted by the weather. Kitesurfing is dependent on wind and the lesson will be postponed if there isn't enough wind.

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