Nibble & Learn Workshops

Nibble & Learn Workshops
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Experience Location: Singapore
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Energize the body and empower the mind!
Nibble & Learn workshops are highly interactive, educational and fun. Equip your employees with health bites that will get them started on the road to great physical and mental nourishment! Our exciting range of workshops will keep you engaged all year round! 

These organized sessions are professionally conducted, employees feel recharged and refreshed.

ALL SESSIONS INCLUDE: Music, aromatherapy oils, take-away notes, materials required for hands-on experiences.

Additional take-home gifts (aromatherapy oils, spritzers, spa chocolates , etc) available from $12. Prices start from $600 Contact us today!

Choose from:


The Office Rub
Learn to give the gift of touch. Partner massage is an excellent way to improve interpersonal relationships at home and an invaluable skill to assist your colleagues in stress relief at the workplace. Just seven easy steps to easing those tensed shoulder and neck muscles!




Super Foods
Learn to eat right to stay healthy, enjoy simple tests to determine personal energy levels. Hands-on and learn simple recipes such as delicious dips and shakes




Aromatherapy Scents
Heard about the healing powers of aromatherapy but not sure how to use it? Learn how to harness the incredible natural properties of essential oils in your everyday life. Discover concoctions that will protect you against common ailments and enhance your immunity. A practical approach to better health.




Chocolate Therapy
Have you heard? Chocolate is the new health food! We'll tell you why you don't have to feel guilty the next time you reach out for some luscious chocolate. Find out how the humble bean can magically transform into one of life's sweetest delights and indulge in some real chocolate therapy. A must for self-confessed chocoholics!


Guidelines: This experience is suitable for anyone who is interested in a healthy lifestyle.

Venue: At your preferred Venue.

Session Length: The session length is approximately 1 hour.

Included: Music, aromatherapy oils, take-away notes, materials required for hands-on experiences.

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