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Looking for a gift for a couple, a family, a bunch of school friends, a department of teachers, a handful of colleagues, a roomful of clients, or some other group of uncategorisable people you happen to think highly of? Redbox Gifts is on the case!

There's no question, some experiences are best sampled in groups (or pairs), which is why we've come up with an entire category of gifts designed for two people or more. A volcano climb is an excellent example of an experience that's far more rewarding when shared. But if you want something closer to home, how about a jet simulator experience (piloting a plane is one thing-persuading the spouse and kids to trust your landing technique is where the real challenge sets in), or a weekend cruise to the idyllic island of Nikoi, or a massage retreat for two, or a Harley tour, or a forest adventure... We could rattle off ideas all day, but why not check out our database for yourself, and see what appeals most to your sense of community adventure.

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